Kendall Resigns as Women’s Basketball Coach

The 2015-16 campaign happens to be Ryan Kendall’s last season as Barclay College’s head women’s basketball coach. It was Kendall’s first time back in the saddle as a head coach since 2010 when he coached the men’s squad. His resignation has been known since the conclusion of their season and his tenure at the college will conclude at the end of the semester.

Kendall, a former Barclay College student, he has held a variety of posts in his 14 years at the institution. Within the athletic department, he has coached the women’s basketball team six years over that 14 year span and served as the athletic director and head men’s basketball coach from 2002-2010. In addition, he served as the dean of student life for five years, directed the admissions department, and has been the department chair for the Sports Ministry Degree for the last five years.

“It’s been a great 14 years here at Barclay,” exclaimed Kendall. “I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the lives of many student-athletes as well as coaches. Being here has solidified my belief that you can compete with other teams and coaches and still be about the same thing; discipling athletes to be better at their sport as well as grow in their relationship with the Lord. I’ll miss the practices, the road trips, and the games, but I’ll miss the connection I was able to make with the people more than anything.”

Kendall has been a huge advocate for Barclay College athletics since the days he played here. He was monumental in building competitive and respectable programs while serving as athletic director and coach. He is a regular at all sporting events and has definitely left his mark within the athletics department.

Former assistant coach and assistant athletic director Ray Anderson commented, “I always enjoyed coaching with Ryan. I appreciated the way he treated his players and the way he coached them and always wanted to see his players grow. I never felt like I was just an assistant and always felt like my opinion mattered and was a valued member of the staff.”

Kendall and his wife, Hannah, just recently celebrated their 22nd anniversary. Together they have three daughters: Kaelie (20), Marissa (17), and Lauren (15). Together they have decide upon moving to Oregon and seeing what God might have for them there.