Barclay Signs Stivender

For a while now, Huntsville senior Alec Stivender had known that he wanted to play soccer in college and that soon he would have that opportunity.

On Monday afternoon, it became official as Stivender, with his family and friends around him, signed the paperwork necessary to play for Barclay College.

“I don’t think it really hit me that I was actually going to college until today,” Stivender said. “I’m a little excited. I got butterflies all over. I’m just ready for it.”

Aside from seeing him play in previous games, Barclay College head coach Kevin Lee got another good look at Stivender and the skills he’ll bring to the Bears program in Monday’s game against Porter.

“We knew he would work out for us. He’s very talented, very good with both feet,” Lee said. “Like I saw today, he’s a heads-up player, so before he’s kicking it, he’s looking down the field.

“The ability to go either right or left is huge. Some schools that we play, having that option changes the game for a lot of guys. I can see that working out on either offense or defense.”


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